Other Policies

In the case of Extended Service Agreements, warranty and insurance repairs: all monies will be received prior to parts being supplied and work being performed in the field – unless other arrangements are made in writing and agreed to by signature of both parties. As a mobile repair service there is no legal recourse to recover funds invested for parts and labor utilized in the repair of a unit in the field by Red River RV Repair should said warranty or extended service company fail to pay. In most cases warranty companies and extended service companies will issue credit card payment the same day. The customer will be responsible for the deductible and any fees or charges not covered by the warranty or extended service agreement.

If the total bill exceeds $500.00 dollars there will be an additional fee of 3% of the total amount paid by credit card. If customer uses more than one credit card the 3% will apply to each card used. If the customer pays a portion in cash or check and the balance with the credit card the 3% fee will still apply.

Returned checks will be assessed a fee of $50.00 in addition to the total amount of the bill. The customer will be required to provide financial remuneration in the form of cash, cashier’s check or money order.

If the warranty, extended service and/or insurance company require the customer to pay a deductible, Red River RV Repair will not over compensate on the bill in order to “absorb” the customer’s deductible. Falsifying claims for payment is considered an act of fraud and we will not comply with any request to do so.

If we would be willing to lie to, steal from and cheat your

warranty, extended service, and/or insurance company...

what would keep us from doing the same to you?

Our Rates and Policies


  • M-F / 8-5 $95.00/hr
  • Saturday $105.00/hr
  • Sunday/Holidays/After hour emergencies $120.00/hr

Labor will be calculated from the time technician arrives on site

until the job is completed. One hour minimum – time will be billed

in ¼ hour increments thereafter.

MINIMUM Trip Charge $25.00. Trip Charge will be calculated by

distance from office to service location. NOTE: Company policy

and insurance stipulations prohibit service call stacking

(I.e. charging first customer trip charge and being solicited by a walk-up customer wanting repairs assuming to not pay a trip charge since the technician is already on site.) Trip charge not only covers cost of fuel and vehicle wear and tear. This charge also covers licensure, insurance and bonding fees. Every customer will pay the trip charge to ensure proper coverage and protection. Service calls more than 60 driving miles from the office will be charged a minimum trip fee of $120.00 plus a one hour minimum once the technician arrives on location for a minimum total of $215.00 plus parts used and additional time. To travel 60 miles is a minimum of two hours driving time and the minimum trip charge for that distance is $85.00 plus the one hour minimum labor charge of $95.00 for a total of $370.00 if billed separately.